O Give Thanks

Who: M
When: 11/24/11
Where: Thanksgiving Day dinner!
What: *Khaki pencil skirt-GAP, thrifted, $1 *Orange shirt-gift *Earrings, bracelet-gift *Brown shoes-borrowed *Cinnamon rolls- made from scratch ;)

Thanksgiving Day!!! So much to be thankful for...starting with the fact I was wearing an outfit that cost me a total of $1!!! lol Also thankful for thrift stores!! But on a more serious note, thankful for good people to share the holiday with! Thankful that I grew up in a country that was founded on godly principles and that I grew up celebrating a whole day just to give thanks to God!! After living in several foreign countries I am so much more grateful for my American, Christian heritage than ever!!

Also featured are my first ever made from scratch cinnamon rolls!! Which I might add were DELICIOUS!! I think I started a new holiday tradition with those rolls!!!

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