Summer dress in the winter (Holiday Hair Challenge #5)

Who: J
When: 12/28/11
Where: Playing piano for church (yikes!)
What: *Denim jacket- Ross *Purple dress- on sale at Target for $14 *White shirt under dress- Walmart, $5 *Black boots- Sears

I know this outfit is a little plain-ish, but I was super nervous that night! I usually play the strings on the keyboard at church, but that night I was scheduled to play the main piano... yikes! Like I said, I was super nervous, and just wanted to keep everything simple. This dress was initially bought as a summer dress, but I love the color and fabric, so I wanted to be able to wear it throughout the year. I think the denim jacket brings it into winter more, and  I like how the denim adds a little "country" to the dress.
I'm counting this outfit as part of my Holiday Hair Challenge because I really like how the waves came out. I'm telling myself it looks like Jennifer Aniston in this picture:

photo credit
That's what I'm telling myself anyway.... Only two more hairstyles left to go!!! 

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