Christmas Cantata (Holiday Hair Challenge #2)

Who: J
When: 12/11/11
Where: Church, singing in the Christmas cantata
What: *Red ruffly sweater- Target (2009), approx. $30 (?) *Red satiny top- Cato (2010), $15 *Black belt- Walmart, $8 *Black skirt- Old Navy, shortened by me *Shoes- Walmart, I can't remember when or for how much *Black velvet clutch- Mary Kay hostess gift *Musical note scarf on clutch- gift from friend *Necklace- Kohl's somewhere in Florida- $9 *Black headband- I can't remember...

This last Sunday, our church choir sang a Christmas cantata entitled "O Holy Night." It was a beautiful cantata- very moving and a great reminder of what we're truly celebrating! The ladies in the choir were supposed to wear red (or white) tops and black skirts. I had an outfit all planned in my head and thought I was totally covered until I actually tried the whole outfit on Friday night. Panic ensued! I didn't like how the shirt looked, the skirt didn't fit like I remembered, etc. etc. You get the picture.... So, I decided to shorten the skirt by cutting the drawstring waist off the top and sewing in an elastic waist. The top got tucked in and a matching sweater (it kind of matches, anyway) thrown over it.  A belt was added. In the end, I like how the outfit turned out! Wearing this sweater and top together was kind of stepping outside of the box for me  because the sweater and blouse weren't exactly the same, but they weren't totally different, either (I know, that's silly, but I'm still working on my outfit OCD). But I like how they look together! I might even wear them  together again...
I'm counting this as #2 in my holiday hair challenge. I have all these headbands that I never wear, but I gave myself a challenge to try new things, so I wore this ribbon flower headband. What do you think? And yes, I am aware that I have one strand of hair that is being rebellious and escaping from the rest of my hairdo.

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  1. Love this outfit it's very cute! :)
    And your hair is pretty too!
    -Ryann B.


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