Something borrowed...

Who: M
When: 11/18/11
Where: Going to a wedding!
What: *Red lace Shirt- thrifted, $2 *Grey skirt- Ross, $9 (5 years ago) *Black undershirt-Kohl’s, $8 *Black peep-toe shoes-borrowed *Jewelry-gifts

Something borrowed, something blue…well, I had the borrowed part at any rate. Weddings are such fun events to attend! I enjoy dressing up all fancy, but unfortunately, I don’t have my full wardrobe here in Mexico. So I opted for this cute red lace top that matched perfectly with….the wedding party (which turned out to be a good thing since I caught the bouquet!)!! May I just say that if you have never taken 18 girls to a formal event, you have never lived! What fun it was to run around after them in my borrowed heels. In actuality, they were well mannered, but any time you have that many people with you, trust me, it is craziness! I included a picture of my Mexican family all dressed up and ready to party! Also you can give me your opinion on my future husband who caught the tie, so we are destined to be married (the only problem is that he is 13 years younger than me)

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