In A Splash Of Colors

Who: M
When: 11/20/11
Where: Church, children's bus route
What: *Paisley dress- Ross $10 *Undershirt- Catos $5 *Purple flats- GAP outlet $15 *Necklace-thrifted, $2 *White flower in hair-gift *Grey belt-borrowed

Woo-hoo!! Sundays are such fun days for me! Not only do I get to go to church, but I get to express myself with as many colors I want!! When I saw this dress while out shopping with J this summer, I fell in love!!! I love the array of colors and the fact that I could pair it up with just about any color accessory! In the morning I wore some cute strappy black sandals, but by the evening service I was much too tired to walk to church in heels, so I opted for my purple flats instead. I think my favorite compliment of the day was, “Wow, you are colorful today!”

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