Practice Makes Perfect

Who: M
When: 11/29/11
Where: School, practicing for the Christmas program, shopping
What: *Flower headband-Charming Charlies’$1 *Black skirt-Target, $20 (one of the few things that I purchased full price ever!) *Tights-can’t remember *Hot pink shoes-$5, Mexican street market *Green sweater vest-gift *Necklace and earrings-thrifted *White shirt-Kohl’s, $5 *Black sweater-thrifted $5 (one of my all-time favorite thrift store finds!)

This Monday was one of the few “cold” days here in Guadalajara…and by cold I mean that the high was in the 60’s…lol. The morning however was rather chilly, like in the high 40’s. SO I decided to break out a pair of my tights, had to search through all my drawers to find them!
I am not sure I will ever wear this outfit exactly like this again…I just really wanted to wear the green and pink together…I need some light pink shoes I think…then again, not with the black tights…at any rate, the outfit served its purpose to keep me warm!

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