It's Christmas Time in the City

Who: J
When: 12/20/11
Where: Christmas lights downtown with N
What: *Plaid fedora- Target, on sale for $7 *White scarf- Rue 21, $9 *Red tank- Target *Green sweater- Walmart, flag and star patches added by me *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Tights- Walmart *Brown leather boots- Chadwicks, maybe $60 (?) *Black wool coat- J C Penney's (2003), approx. $100

N and I decided to check out an El Paso tradition and head downtown to San Jacinto Plaza to see the Christmas lights displays. I'm so glad we did! It was so pretty! It's amazing how pretty lights can transform an area from drab and dingy to a fairyland.

I wanted to wear the traditional red and green tonight. I kind of wish I hadn't added the patches to this sweater so I could have just had a plain green sweater, but there was a hole in one of the sleeves and this is what I came up with. Also, I'm not completely sold on the fedora (on me, that is... it's a perfectly lovely fedora on its own, I'm just trying to decided if I like it on me). I spent the whole night only seeing out of one eye because I thought I needed to have it perched on my head over one eye, only to readjust it when I got home so I could see and realize that it looked fine like that, too. Ah well, a lesson in fedora wearing learned.

When I was dressing for this date, I wanted to put as much care and thought into it as if it were our first date and I was trying to impress N. So I went back and forth on the hat... would I really have the moxie to wear this on a first date? Would I really have been that willing to reveal my slightly kooky self that early? And then I realized... yes, I would have! From the very beginning of even our friendship, N has always made me feel like I was a cool person who was worthy of attention. He has always made me feel that who I was as a person was pretty awesome (love that guy!). So yes, I do think I could have worn this hat on our first date... had it not been in the middle of a warm Arizona April.

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