Foosball Fun!

Who: M
When: 12/3/11
Where: Visiting the children's bus route
What: *Skirt-Merano, thrifted *Turquoise shirt-Faded Glory, $5 *Lavender ruffled tank-gift *Puma tennis shoes-gift *Turquoise necklace-gift *Ring-vintage from mom *Sparkly butterfly headband-Target $8

This is another outfit that I built around a headband. I went thru SEVERAL outfits before I settled on something that I thought would work with the headband. After finally deciding on this outfit, I was having a hard time figuring out what shoes to wear- I was leaning toward comfort more than anything because it had been a LONG week and I knew we would be walking a lot.

I must say that I was not entirely sure of this outfit, but as I look at the pics now I think it turned out nicely! Also, I CANNOT play foosball!! I think I actually made contact with the ball twice during the game!! But it made for some nice pics and good laughs! ;)

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