Herself the Elf

Who: M
When: 12/16/11
Where: School Christmas party
What: *Corduroy skirt- thrifted, $2 *Ralph Lauren shirt-thrifted, $2 *Shoes- $20 *Santa hat-gift *Necklace-gift from J

I LOVE to dress in themes! I was so excited about the school Christmas party because I wanted to wear my Santa (elf) hat! I was slghtly surprised at the response I got to my outfit...I guess in Mexico it is slightly strange to dress up for Christmas...lol. I must say though, since my main means of transportation in Mexico is walking, I did feel slightly conspicuous as I walked to and from work that day....The kids of my kindergarten class LOVED my outfit :) Almost all of the teenagers asked if I could give Santa a message for them; I told them I was pretty sure they were on the naughty list...but my favorite response to my outfit was a carful of teenage guys who burst out singing "Navidad, Navidad" (the Spanish version of "Jingle Bells") as they drove by in their car! I would say that my outfit was a success! I am already plotting what to wear for Valentines Day (I am pretty sure that I cannot dress up like Cupid :)!!

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