Christmas Earrings (Holiday Hair Challenge #4)

Who: J
When: 12/27/11
Where: Commissary, Barber Shop, Starbucks with N
What: *Sunglasses- Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ, $3 *Green long sleeved tee- Walmart *Turquoise tank- Target *Turquoise and white scarf- Walmart *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Striped socks- Target *Boots- Sears *Green dangly earrings- 1928, gift from N for Christmas *Green post earrings- gift from N from Afghanistan

While we were on our Christmas trip, I made sure to visit Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ. I have found some of the best stuff there! This time the only things I bought for myself were these sunglasses, and a bottle of knock-off perfume. They have great prices on some pretty good name brands- you just have to be willing to dig through some other less desirable pieces.

I'm running out of time on my Holiday Hair Challenge! This braid was fairly easy to do, and I like how it turned out. If I do my hair this way again, I think I'm going to make the top/ back a little "poofier" just to add some height. I could probably also figure out some way to make the ponytail into a bun or a twist or something if I wanted to make my hair a little more formal.

One last note: M and I are having a brainstorming session this morning (via chat) about some ideas we have for the blog for 2012. I'm excited about the things we have planned and we hope you guys will stick around for the ride!

P.S. Here's the inspiration for my hairstyle:                               

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How do you think my version compares?

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  1. I think you did a great job on the hair! I really like it :) So glad ya'll had a nice Christmas!


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