Rainy Days and Mondays

Who: J
When: 12/19/11
Where: Grocery shopping in the rain
What: *White billed cap- Target, approx. $15 *Snowflake pin on cap- I don't remember :( *Pink scarf- Mary Kay, prize *Grey sweater- Mossimo, thrifted, $4.75 *Pink top- Walmart, $5 *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Tights- Walmart, $4 *Pink rain boots- Old Navy, $25, bought with gift card from M

The day I've been waiting for finally arrived!!! I had to go out on a rainy, cold Monday so I could wear my hot pink rain boots! I love them, but since I live in a desert climate, and have for the past several years, I can't justify wearing them very often. I'm not usually a "pink" person, per se, or at least not this much pink at once, but I really like how this outfit looks. Even my lips are a little pinker than usual because I just grabbed a lip gloss and slicked it on and it turned out to be my berry gloss. I think everybody at the commissary was jealous of my boots because they kept staring at me.... that's what I'm telling myself anyway! 


  1. My new project...making that hat! :)

  2. I love the hat and boots a lot :)


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