Twist and Shout (Holiday Hair Challenge 1)

Who: J
When: 12/9/11
Where: Grocery shopping, running errands, sewing Christmas presents
What: *Green tee- Walmart *Denim skirt- thrifted and shortened *Striped tights- Walmart, $4 *Sweater boots (one of my favorite things!)- Old Navy outlet in San Marcos, TX, $15 *White ruffly scarf- gift from sister *Charm bracelet- birthday gift from my in-laws

I decided to jump right into the holiday hair challenge I gave myself. I like how the twists turned out. In my original post, I said that I thought that this hairstyle would be an easy one to do at home, but I ended up obsessing over if I had the right amount pulled back, if the right amount of twist was hidden under the rest of my hair, etc. I kind of forgot it doesn't have to be a literal copy... Eh, that's my perfectionist side coming out. Here's the original picture- see how my interpretation compares:

photo credit

In other news... I received this bracelet as a birthday gift from my in-laws. I have never seen anything like this! Apparently, there are tons of charms you can choose from and have placed in a clear sided locket. I just love it! The charms they picked out for me are a "C", an American flag, the US Army seal, and a piano (I play the piano). Very cool! I've worn in almost every day since I got it. 
The rest of this outfit is pretty simple. I'm trying to wear festive outfits to go along with the season, so I chose green and white... and denim... I also chose the green because, for some reason, I feel self-conscious with all my hair pulled back from my face so I wanted my eye color to pop. AND... I wanted to wear my new boots!!! So comfy & warm. I seriously love them... like I might sleep in them.... probably not, though, because as you see, we have snow in our backyard so my boots are all muddy now. But they're still seriously comfortable!

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