My birthday

Who: J
When: 12/5/11
Where: Traveling to San Antonio
What: *Mustache beanie- made by my sister (if you want to buy one or have her custom make pretty much any design, go to  her Crow-chet Away page on facebook) *Green plaid scarf- made by my mom *Black hooded sweater- Walmart, $16 *Black El Paso tee- gift from in-laws *Tights- Walmart, $4 *Charm bracelet- gift from in-laws *Sweater boots- Walmart in Merrillville, IN *Cross-body bag- Union Bay, Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ

Snow!!! Yay!!! For my birthday, we went to San Antonio for a little get-away. It was so much fun! On the 8 hour drive, we even ran into some snow. Texas hill country is beautiful! I'll post more pics from our trip over the next couple of days. Please excuse the fuzziness of the full- length picture- I was in a hurry to get on the road and didn't really take the time to take proper outfit pictures that day.
Don't you love my mustache beanie? My sister has a business, Crow-chet Away, making and selling beanies. She has "stock" items she makes, but she can also custom design about anything. There's a link to her fb page above- you should check it out! Anyway, I asked her to make a mustache beanie for me & this is what she came up with- isn't it awesome? I love it! 

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