Turquoise and Red (Holiday Hair Challenge #3)

Who: J
When: 12/16/11
Where: N's Alpha Co Christmas party
What: *Red ruffly sweater- Target *Turquoise top- Target, approx. $15 *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London *Tights- Walmart *Red faux croc flats- I think Payless a few years ago *Earrings- 1928, Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ, approx. $5 *Turquoise necklace- gift from N from Afghanistan *Turtle ring- The Jewelry Box, $1

For my husband's work Christmas party, I decided to try turquoise and red together. I've been seeing this color combo on some other blogs lately, and I've been wanting to try it, I just wasn't sure how it would look. Well, I love it! I love how the colors make each other pop more and look really fun and festive together. This is one of those outfits that I really felt pretty awesome in ;)
Don't you love this turtle ring? I found it at this store, The Jewelry Box, for $1!! $1!! I know that if I wear it too much, it will turn my finger green, but still, $1! The Jewelry Box is one of those stores where everything (jewelry, hair accessories, some cosmetics, etc) is $1. There's a lot of "cheap" looking stuff, but if you dig hard enough, you can find some real gems (get it? Jewelry store... gems? Hee hee).
I was also able to incorporate another one of my holiday hair challenges. I didn't think my hair would stay like this all night, but it did! Do you ever have those days where it feels like everything goes right? This night was one of those. Plus, there was a TON of yummy food at the party, and N and I had a Starbucks date afterwards... I love my life! :)

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What do you think? Did I get the hairstyle right?

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