On a Mission

Who: M
When: 12/3/11
Where: Missions Conference Day 3 (the only night I was not singing in any of the specials so that I did not have to wear black and white!)
What: *Pink skirt-Liz Claibourne, thrifted *Blue sweater-American Eagle, thrifted *Gray undershirt-Walmart *Tights-Walmart *Headband- Target *Necklaces-gifts *Shoes-borrowed

After a long, fruitful day on the children's bus route, we had the opportunity to attend the evening service for the Missions Conference\. Thankfully, we also had the opportunity to go home and change quickly first!! I chose an outfit that was a bit warmer than I usually wear because at night the temperature cools off significantly. So, I decided to go with a sweater and tights... as it turned out, the sweater and tights were much needed as the temperature dropped with the sun!

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