(Argyle) Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Who: M
When: 1/11/12
Where: Teaching school
What: *Red sweater vest-thrifted *Black skirt-thrifted *White shirt-gift *Tights-Walmart *Shoes-Meijer's *Red bead necklace-China *Grey necklace-gift *Yellow flower-gift

So day 5 back in Mexico, day 2 back at work! I have decided that I agree slightly with the people who are saying that it is cold here. It is a bit chilly, so I decided to cover up my feet so as to not catch a cold...not sure if it helped... I am again wearing my super find from the thrift store! I LOVE this skirt, it is comfortable, a great length, and does not need to be ironed! I think this red vest is one of my new favorite things to wear! Also, cool fact that I discovered...my red bead necklace glows in the dark!! I have had this necklace for 5 years, and never knew it glowed in the dark! I thought it was a cool fact at any rate... :)

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