Stuck in Colder(ish) Weather

Who: M
When: 1/13/12
Where: Teaching school
What: *White shirt-thrifted *Turquoise shirt-Walmart *Red shoes-Mexico *Black skirt-thrifted *Red necklace-dollar store *Long necklace-gift *Rings-gifts *Red flower headband-borrowed *Earrings-gift shop in New Mexico

Here is another red and turquoise outfit! I must say that I am thankful to J for introducing me to this color combo. Not sure it quite worked out in this outfit, but here's to trying, eh? Since it is a bit chilly in the mornings and evenings here, I have been trying to wear long sleeves to ward off the cold and try to keep from getting sick. I think I have failed in the later, oh well. On the upside, I think I am getting better at taking my own pictures...Practice makes perfect, I guess...

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