Sock It To Me

Who: M (and Clover!)
When: 12/26/11
Where: Shopping, hanging out with family
What: *Turquoise sweater-AE, thrifted, $2 *Denim skirt- thrifted,$2 *Pink undershirt-Walmart $? *Black shoes-gift *Pink plaid socks-Target $2.50 *Earrings-camp store in New Mexico $8

This was one of those fun days that I do NOT want to repeat!! So you would think that at age 31 I would know better than to do certain things, but... So here is the story, I took one of my friends out shopping on this the day after Christmas. Having been in retail for serval years, one would think I would remember the craziness of this day, but no, I did not! Let's just sum it up in one brief word: BUSY!!! I was amazed at how many people were out shopping! Cars, and cars, and MORE cars!!! On the upside I did get a few good deals! So I guess it was worth braving the traffic and SUPER long lines (several stores had lines going clear out the door!!)!

Then back home to spend the last evening with my sister, Jamie, and her husband! I come from a family of five siblings, and we have always been close, so it is sad to see Jamie moving away! But I am glad that we got to get together with everyone before she left! I will miss them, especially Clover their Siberian Huskie who thought she belonged in all my blog pictures!

Oh, I did not talk at all about my outfit...hmmm, let's see. Have I mentioned yet that I have been FREEZING since getting to Indiana! So my undershirt in this outfit is actually a long-sleeved shirt! Turquoise and pink one of my all time favorite color combonations! Of course, long jean skirt, a staple in the clothing department. :) Don't you just love the spice that my hot pink knee socks add to this outfit? There you have it; oh, one more secret, I am also wearing leggings under my skirt! I HATE being cold!! ;)

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