Family Ties

Who: M
When: 12/28/11
Where: Being lazy at home, mid-week church service
What: *Plaid skirt-thrifted *Pink sweater-NY&C $10 *Black turtleneck-JCPenny's $10 *Tights-China *Jacket-China 50 yuan ($7) *Shoes-gift *Necklace-gift from J

This was a WONDERFUL day! Not much to tell about though because I got up at noon, did nothing all day. Then I showered and got ready for church, ate dinner, went to church, and came home! Gotta LOVE vacation! I would like to mention about my outfit- the skirt is one I got at a thrift store at least 6 years ago, took it to China when I lived there, lost a bunch a weight, and had to have the skirt taken in...and now I am too attached to it to get rid of it! Oh, and I like to occasionally add a pic of my photographer of the day, and today's was my dad!

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