Purple, Pink, and Yellow

Who: M
When: 12/12/11
Where: Teaching school
What: *White shirt-Suburbia 100 pesos ($10) *Pink undershirt-Kmart $7 *Black skirt-thrifted. $1 *Shoes-Gap $20 *Purple sweater-Arie, $20 *Yellow necklace-Dots, $7 *Headband and bracelet-gifts

First off, I want to apologize for the wonderful pics...my photographers of the day were my kindergarten students...who insisted that they help me take pictures and since I had run out of time before school, I thought, what the hay...lol. Then I did not have time after school, but liked the outfit, so I wanted to include it despite the less than great pictures!

So this was my attempt to run away from black and white for a day! Let's just say I get pretty bored with these colors rather quickly. So I thought...hmm...let's add as much color and as many colors as possible to this plain white and black craziness... So I started with this awesome bright yellow headband! Then thought "What goes well with yellow?...PINK!" so I added the light pink undershirt. But the outfit still felt rather colorless, so I added the purple sweater. The sweater turned out to be the perfect addition! I must add that I LOVE this sweater! It is the perfect weight for wear in Mexico...light enough to keep on all day, but thick enough to keep me warm in the chilly mornings.

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