Welsh Pears (#6 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/7/12
Where: Running errands with N (pet store for heater for turtle tank, Savers, Lowes for lumber for turtle tank stand, Walgreen's to rent Mr. Popper's Penguins)
What: *Cream cardigan- gift from friend in college *Purple paisley dress- Target *Grey tank- Target *Necklace- Charming Charlie's *Quilted Mary Janes- hmmm... I can't remember... Payless maybe?

Did you know that Paisley is sometimes referred to as "Welsh Pears" or "Persian Pickles" and that it originated in Iran and India, but takes its name from a town in Scotland? Interesting, right? Glad I could help you learn something new today ;)
We're picking up our turtle this next weekend from my cousin who has been watching him for us, so we have been trying to get everything set up. I bought a cabinet thingie (technical DIY name) at Goodwill for $15 and we bought a couple of pieces of shelving lumber at Lowe's. N attached the lumber to the top of the cabinet and now we have a stand for Fishsticky (our turtle). I just need to decide what color to paint it... and no, painting clothes don't count as part of the 30 for 30 challenge!

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