Purple 2 Ways (#26 & #27 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/29/12
Where: Church
What: Look #1: *Brown cardigan- thrifted *Purple tank- Walmart *Brown plaid skirt- gift from sister *Purple tights- KMart *Brown plaid shoes- gift from sister *Gold necklace- Liz Claiborne, Beall's Outlet *Ring- Beall's Outlet *Brown bag- Liz Claiborne, gift from sister Look 2: *Black cardigan- Walmart *White tank- Cato's *Purple maxi dress- Target *Black flats- Payless *Black beaded necklace- Walmart *Silver tree stump necklace- Lisa Leonard Designs

I usually wear the same outfit to both morning and evening services on Sunday, but sometimes I just feel like wearing something different. So, this last Sunday, I had two different outfits, both based on the color purple. I loved my new purple tights with these brown plaid shoes- I thought they added a little extra something to the whole outfit. I've been wearing a lot of purple lately... I think I'll definitely keep an eye out for more purple clothes and accessories after my 30 for 30 challenge is over!


  1. I noticed your outfit on Sunday night and I really liked it! Purple has always been my favorite color, yet I don't have a lot of purple clothes. Weird. :) Enjoyed visiting with you at lunch today!

    1. Thanks! Purple is my "favorite" color, too, but I haven't worn much of it until here lately. It was good talking to you!


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