Flipping Out

Who: M
When: 1/2/12
Where: Hanging out with my sister and brother in law, making cinnamon rolls
What: *Grey t-shirt-Abercrombie, $7 *Pink long sleeve tee-Walmart, $5 *Pink tights-Forever 21 $4.50 *Pink argyle socks-Target, $2.50 *Boots-Sears *Denim skirt-Talbots, thrifted, $1.50

This was a fun outfit! The boots in this outfit are the ones that I bought in college (from my earlier posts). I must say, they turned out to be a big benefit while I was home! I really wanted to wear my new pink tights, but did not have any winter appropriate clothing in that color. So I found this tee and thought, "Hmm...with a long sleeve pink shirt, I think this will work!" So I threw it over my long-sleeve pink shirt. Then, out the door to head out to my sister's house... funny that I never say "my brother in law's house"... First, I had to stop by the store and get the rest of the ingredients for my cinnamon rolls and a movie. I have a love/ hate relationship with Redbox. I love that I can get a movie for like $1.20, but hate that I ALWAYS forget to take it back and it winds up costing me $2 or $3... I must say that I got quite a few looks while on my shopping trip. I am marking them up to my wonderful pink socks!! The movie was great, my cinnamon rolls even better and the time spent with family worth the extra money spent on the unreturned Redbox movie!!

P.S. I thought I would throw in a pic of the back of my head, cuz I really liked how my hair flipped, but not sure the pic does it any justice!

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