Christmas Clover

Who: M
When: 12/24/11
Where: Making cookies and celebrating Christmas at my sister's house
What: *Green striped shirt-NY&C, $10 *Black corduroy skirt-H&M $10 *Argyle vest-thrifted $1 *Green tights-I don't remember *Black boots-Sears-too much about 12 years ago! *Green bead necklace-gift from J *Grey bead necklace-gift *Red bracelet and earrings-$1 at the dollar jewelry store

Christmas with family!!! One of my favorite times of the year!!! Great to see all the family again plus get to eat the MOST amazing lasagna ever- so glad to have a dad that can cook!! Also, I got to dress for the holiday again! I was the most dressed up of our group, but I really wanted to look festive! My mom said I looked like an elf...

This was an outfit that actually had me step out of my box for several reasons... 1) although all the colors worked together separately, I was not too sure about the vest with the shirt; 2)the vest has horizontal stripes on the back; 3) the boots are not my fave, although I do like them ALOT more than I did when I bought them! But I think all in all it was a super cute outfit!

The "extras" in my pics are my sister's dog (Clover), who would settle for nothing less than being included in the photos and my nephew who is just too super cute to not add! Actually he had a Santa suit on, but I did not his pic with my camera...still waiting for that pic from my sister...I will add it later when I get it.

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