Shades of Grey

Who: M
When: 12/25/11
Where: Church
What: *Grey plaid dress-Christmas gift (Target) *Grey sweater-Christmas gift (Target) *Grey shoes-Christmas gift (GAP) *Grey hat-Mexico street market *Tights-borrowed from my sister *Necklace-gift

Another of my favorite days..the day after Christmas with the family...why? Because it is the day I get to wear/use all my great gifts! I have to tell the truth about my awesome Christmas gifts, I got to pick them out! We always exchange names so that each of us (as grown siblings) get one nice present. Well, my mom chose me and had no idea what to get me, so we went shopping! What a great gift in At any rate, I was able to get this entire outfit for the $50 price limit we had set! So that was super awesome!

I really LOVE this dress! I plan on wearing it lots in Mexico! It actually has short sleeves and I think can be made more "summery" if I add the purply color jewelry instead of the grey. Looking back on these pictures, I feel I look overly grey, but oh well... My other favorite part of this outfit is the shoes! They are SUPER comfortable and cute! Did you see the awesomely cute bow on the back! LOVE it!!

Rereading this post, I think I sound like a teenager... ;)

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