Flip Flop Weather (#15 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/16/12
Where: Thrift stores with N
What: *Cream cardigan- gift from a friend in college *Green top- Kohl's *Black linen skirt- Old Navy *Flip flops- Walmart *Turquoise necklace- Beall's Outlet

This outfit was from a lazy Monday. My husband had the day off of work since it was MLK Day and we decided to head out to Savers to check out their 50% off sale. We were hoping to find a leather jacket for N, but we didn't really find any we liked. We did find some books, a planner, and a bowling ball complete with a really cool carrying bag. When we went to pay for the ball, the cashier couldn't ring it up because there was no price sticker... :( So my really awesome find was a no-go. Maybe I'll go back and see if they still have that bowling ball... hmmm...

I was trying to get away from wearing a denim skirt every single day, so I went with this long black skirt (that I see now should have been ironed a little more carefully). It was warm enough to wear flip flops, so I got to break out my old summer stand-bys. All in all, it was a fun, relaxing day!

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