It Ain't Easy Being Green (#2 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/3/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Aviators (new!)- Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ, $3 *String necklace scarf thingie- made by me *Cream sweater- gift from friend in college *Green dress- K-Mart *Boots- Chadwick's

Here's outfit #2 in the 30 for 30 challenge. Although I love this dress, I was not thrilled with my look that day because MY STUPID HAIR WAS BEING CRAZY... whew... glad I got that out of my system. Seriously, some days my hair drives me nuts. It was my own fault because I put it back in a braid when it was wet so I could go to the gym, and then when I took it down, I let it dry the rest of the way naturally. So I had crimpy waves from the braid AND curly waves from what my hair does all by itself... which equaled frustration for me! Anyway... that's over now and you can see my wonderful outfit. I'm not sure if the string necklace thing is cool or weird, but I like it! Maybe it's a mix of both... which I'm ok with!

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