New Haircut (#3 of 30 for 30)

Who: J
When: 1/4/12
Where: Mid-week services at church
What: *Green tee- Walmart *Black cardigan- Walmart *Khaki skirt- thrifted, $4.75 *Black flats- Payless *Plaid scarf- made by my mom *Pin on scarf- I can't remember where I got it... maybe Beall's Outlet? *Bag- Coach, gift from N

I finally went and got my hair cut! I don't think it really looks that much different, the layers are just re-shaped and more defined. And it's much thinner which equals much more manageable. I really like it!
This is another one of my outfits in the 30 for 30 challenge. So far, it hasn't been too hard building outfits from my 30 items, but we'll see what happens when it gets toward the end of the month. This khaki skirt is more comfortable than I remember it being, so I'm glad this challenge is going to force me to wear it more often. 

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