Red Ruffles

Who: M
When: 12/23/11
Where: Helping my sister pack, shopping, and walking the dog
What: *Black shirt with red ruffles-gift from and embellished by J *Denim skirt-Christopher and Banks $15 *Red flower headband-Charming Charlie's, $1 *Black tights-not sure *Black shoes-gift *Turquoise necklace-gift *Coach purse-30th birthday gift
So my first day back in the States!! I was soooo hoping for snow, but doesn't look like that is gonna happen for me, oh well, there is always next year! First day of real vacation always has to be celebrated by sleeping in until you just cannot sleep any more! So when I finally rolled out of bed around 11, I had the tough decision of what to wear??? But first things first. had to find my clothes to choose from! I leave all my winter clothes here at my parents since I have no use for them in Mexico. As soon as I saw this shirt from J, I thought, "That's it!!"

This was a super fun day that I was able to spend with my sisters and mom!! It started out (once I finally found something to wear) by helping my sister pack up her kitchen. I must say, this trip home is a bit of a sad one. My baby sister and her husband are moving to Colorado to work in a church, and I am sad to see them leave, but happy to see them following God's direction for their lives. I know, crazy to be sad that they are leaving since I do not technically live here anymore... Back to my After we packed some stuff at her house, we headed out with our other sister and mom to get last minute gifts- since we were celebrating Christmas on Saturday, this was our last chance! We certainly shopped until we dropped that night, but it was a fun time with the sisters!

Oh! I wanted to say I stole the turqouoise and red idea from J (see here)!! I thought it worked pretty nice in this outfit! Also to add that one of my favorite pieces of clothing is this long denim skirt, perfect for so many situations!

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