Flowery Sentiments

Who: M
When: 12/29/11
Where: Church
What: *Flower skirt-thrifted, $2 *Black turtleneck-JC Pennys, $10 *Tights-Walmart, $6 *Necklace-Mary Kay *Black boots-Sears ($ too much) *Coach purse-gift

This is one of my favorite outfits!! I absolutely LOVE this skirt! It is so much fun! It can be used in the summer or winter, dressy or more casual. I am wearing my boots from another post again. Funny how the mistakes of 10 years earlier can become favorites! When I bought these boots, I paid WAY too much for them, but I had just moved to Indiana from Arizona and had NO idea what boots were good. As it turned out, these boots are wonderfully warm, but at the time I was not used to wearing boots and disliked them a lot. Good thing for me, my mom saved them until now because I used them A LOT this trip home! Also I only brought my Coach purse home this trip so that is why it is featured in so many blogs recently.

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