30 Days, 30 Items, 30 outfits

Ok... so, I'm actually going to do it! I'm going to do the "30 days, 30 outfits" challenge (hereafter referred to as 30 for 30). I first read about this challenge at Kendi Everyday and have been thinking about trying it for a while. When I told M about it, she laughed and said that's what she did in Mexico all the time. ;)

Anyways.... there aren't really any official "rules" or things you absolutely HAVE to do. So, what I decided to do was pick 30 items of clothing from my closet and keep remixing them for the next 30 days. My goal is that every item will be worn at least once and that no outfit will be repeated. Shoes, jewelry, scarves, etc. don't count in the 30 items. For me, the point is to see how many outfits I can make with how small an amount of clothing (although this is probably a lot more clothes than a lot of people have). I think this will help me figure out what really works for me and what I can toss out of my closet.

Here are the items of clothing I picked:

1. Long khaki skirt 2. Long linen skirt from Old Navy 3. Mid-length brown plaid skirt 4. Knee length A-line denim skirt 5. Dark wash denim pencil skirt 6. Mid-length A-line grey skirt 7. A-line purple-ish/ brownish skirt 8. Grey Mossimo sweater 9. Cream Steve & Barry hoodie 10. Black cardigan 11. Brown cardigan 12. Cream cardigan 13. Turquoise cardigan with sparkly buttons 14. Purple cardigan with flowers 15. Black shirtdress 16. Black and cream A-line dress 17. Purple paisley maxi dress 18. Green maxi dress 19. White tank 20. Turquoise tank 21. Red tank 22. Grey tank 23. Purple tank 24. Black tank 25. Long- sleeved green tee 26. Teal top 27. Black top 28. Coral top 29. Purple top 30. Turquoise top

Another one of my stipulations for myself is that I don't buy any new clothes for the month... but then I found out that one of the Goodwills near me is having everthing 50% off for 2 weeks.... so we'll see how that goes...

I started wearing my 30 for 30 outfits on January 2nd, so I should be able to get through this by the end of January. Since I want to show every outfit, and because I only post my stuff every other day, I'll probably post twice or three times per day for a while, just so I can get every outfit in. I can't just save my posts for February because M and I already have something fun planned for that month. So, you'll just have to put up with seeing a few more posts from me! ;)

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